limitations of language

from one point we should be happy we are not limited to barking and squeeking like all other animals, but from another point our language (words into sentence etc thing) is quite limited.

not only that it is limited but it keeps getting stupider and stupider. since everything is heading slowly to the extreme of democratization (the average value which includes everybodies universe) so is also the language, as a human tool, slowly becoming more simple and therefore more limited.

simplicity does offer wider audience and this is a form of sophistication and expansion, but for individual expression, it is becoming more and more of a problem.

for us, people who write, or try to explain a bit more complex things with the language, we have to be tricky with words so we can say much more complex things with very simple words. people who work with images and sounds maybe have it easier.

i mean, i do not know which is more simple or complex. certanly a master of language can difuse much more information than an average visual or sound manipulator.

this is something i have to think about more… or read more about it…

if you have any ideas or hints what to look for let me know please. i hope this post makes it clear what i am interested in.