making content

tyra banks

i keep telling people you have to make content to attract attention.

(everybody wants attention – right?)

it is very simple logic.

would you watch tv if it only played the same old show or news over and over for 20 years?

to help people understand this i set them up with a blog.

blogs are very easy.

not the best thing every for marketing but its up and running in 5 minutes and off you go.

easier than printing a magazine or making a tv show or organizing a concert.

which are all forms of content.

so once the blog is up all they have to do is log in, write something quickly and press publish.


few times a week.

total work is maybe an hour a week.

less time most people spend wiping their ass, sneezing, yawning or just spacing out.

what happens next?

very few do it.


writers block or something.

it is not about time but about being exposed and under pressure.

knowing others read what you write.

even when blogs are secret people get super scared.

i guess thats the difference between and average joe and

tv and radio personalities who can be super relaxed while millions watch them make fools of themselves.


am i good enough? will they like me?

on my side i estimate i managed following content in past 6 or so years:

– some 25,000 photos

– some 200 videos

– some 5-7,000 posts (most of which i deleted for bizarre emotional reasons)

i do not wish to count how many hours of voice communication and emails i have written.

how many books and films is that?

what is the effect of all this crazy work i have done.

i do not know.

i am trying to somehow make it into something that makes sense for – you know – the society.

just so i do not die tomorrow and people say:

there goes nikola, who spent all day every day typing and it amounted to shit.

i try to believe in the whole thing about communication being about learning and

learning about getting more from life.

like – if i say something it might inspire someone to do something cool.

reality is probably much less romantic but fuck it.

to sell or not to sell.

long time ago, thanks to eduard von lindheim, i met peter greenaway and was supposed to on stage with him.

peter introduced himself with something like:

i made 50 movies, wrote 100 books, painted 10.000 paintings…

i got super scared and told eduard i can not go on stage with this guy,

what will i say? i made 3 websites.

i was 21.

now i am 33 and i made 200 websites… or something like that.

today hardly anyone knows who peter greeneway is.

he is the guy who made the cook the thief his wife & her lover.

a movie, i guess, no one remembers anymore…

at the end i try to believe what my mom told me:

golden word opens the thickest doors.

or something like that.