microsoft, google and apple usability glitches

google employee

microsoft windows has “format” and “safely remove” external hdd options next to each other in the menu.

“format” deletes of all content, “safely remove” allows you to unplug your hdd, an action you might perform 10 times a day.

maybe would be good to move the “delete all” function somewhere else and color it different or something.

it is an extra 20 mins work for a usability expert / user experience designer.

in google chrome translate toolbar by accident i clicked “never translate danish” option.

no confirmation was required.

i translate danish websites few times a day and i need this back.

i was looking for google translate toolbar options and could not find a way to reverse my choice.

i read the help files (3 pages of brochure talk) and they were not helpful.

maybe a bit more attention to “detail” would not hurt.

one of my more extreme user experiences was apple itunes “register ipod” function.

few years ago when you plugged in a new ipod to itunes it would ask you to register it.

i of course clicked yes.

by the time i realized what i have done some 3000 songs were erased without notice.

apple now does mention that all content on unregistered ipod will be deleted during registration.

i guess my web form complaint worked.

these companies do achieve things no small shop could, but many times they loose track of details.

small stuff matters.