more on paedophilia

stephanie ragusa

since i got some comments on my previous post i needed to try to write down some basic ideas why having sex with kids might seem like a bad deal.

seems people need to be reminded about the basics.

what is paedophilia?

a mental illness, obsession with having sex with kids.

comes down to objectifying the kid sexually.

sexual desire is not combined with love to form a healthy relationship.

person does not care to know the partner.

it is only about a sexual fixation towards an object – in this case: a kid.

what is a kid?

depends where you are, person younger than 18 or 16 year old.

why is having sex with kids bad?

sex is a complex.

kids are easily influenced and manipulated.

there is a small chance an older person actually loves the child as a partner.

they do not get married, move in together, go out to movies and hold hands and go out with friends.

most likely the older person just wants to have sex, to live out the sexual fantasy.

the kid in this case is an object.

what is the damage?

obviously the kid will suffer maybe irreparable emotional damage all their life.

the damage is maybe even worst than loosing a limb or being physically sick

it completely ruins their quality of life.

anyone who is treated in such a manner at such an early stage must suffer the damage.

what if the kid wants sex with the older person?

there is a tendency for certain kids to try to have sex with people in position of authority: teacher, coach, criminal, cop, priest…

what kids want has nothing to do with what an older person should do.

kids also want to use drugs, drive drunk and do a lot of other things.

does not mean older people should sell them drugs, give them alcohol etc…

puberty is a messy period.

a lot of hormones in the brain.

kids are easily influenced and manipulated.

this is exactly why there are rules against taking a chance with kids.

it is just too easy.

but the damage is there, no matter how willing kids may appear.

what would happen if there were no rules?

there are rules preventing professionals in position of authority to abuse this position and have sexual relationships with kids.

teachers can not have sex with kids, coaches should not either, cops should not too, priests as well…

if there were no such rules these occupations would be a magnet for people who have an urge to have sex with a kid.

institutions could not be trusted.

imagine if teachers and coaches would be allowed to manipulate or charm their students and athletes to satisfy their sexual perversions.


what about parent’s trust in institutions?

parent’s want best for their kids.

it is not hard to figure out what this best is.

definitely if your kid has sex with someone who only cares to use your kid for the sake of perversion is not best.

however parents trust institutions like schools, sports clubs and others that their kids will be safe.

what about different cultures?

in my short experience in mid west usa i saw that it was normal for 25+ y/o man to have sex with a 15 y/o girl.

this was super weird for me.

but they did it publicly and shared a life.

it seemed to be much more than just sex.

i am not sure about these cases.

but for sure a lot of cultures are quite messed up with their attitude towards sex with kids.

some names of people obsessed with sex with kids?

michael jackson (celebrity who paid for his freedom), oliver o’grady (priest spent 7 years in prison), stephanie ragusa (high school teacher sentenced for 10 years), brian hindson (swim coach who got 33 years in jail), roman polanski (film director running away from his sentence), roy clarke (swimming coach sentenced to 50 years in jail)…

some useful links?

age of consent
statutory rape
list of women child molesters


if a child molester, paedophile, whatever we call them, also has success in something like arts, sports, science…

or maybe is just a nice kind person who donates money to charity…

we sort of forget that they did do something really bad.

you can be a great super smart super cute person 99.9% of the time and then that 0.1% is really really nasty.

one has nothing to do with the other.

rules are rules.

there is nothing worst than these people flocking in institutions like schools, churches, sports and praying on our kids.

i don’t care if they invented a cure for cancer, it should not go by.