more thoughts on denmark

danish girl

danish baby

danish guy

denmark is not about buildings, they are not so flamboyant and this is good, i do not care about it.

denmark is not about nature.

nature is everywhere, just open a water tap and the marvel of h2o pulled by gravity is amazing enough (i could entertain myself for hours throwing drops of water from my terrace and watching them disperse, so wonderful!).

denmark is surely not about food although i had some nice meals (thank you!).

and -20C with super cold wind, dark snow and only few hours of weak sunlight is not really a tourist pitch.

so what is denmark about?

people are great!

i mean just do some research.

fuck! they are so cool!

and they do not know it.

i mean which country has guys like lars von trier, lars ulrich and people who came up with lego?

i wish i was good enough to explain why danish are so cool. i am just not good of a writer tonight. maybe there will be a poem at some point. maybe now.

stay tuned.

thanks to aleksandar, iben, fin, peter, rasmus and ole for hosting me and showing me around.