my parents marriage anniversary and miltos manetas

few days ago was my parents 31st marriage anniversary. only today i got them matching colourful swatch watches. i think its a nice gift. it should stimulate playfulness and joking around. it is also a nice addition to a collection of bizarre gifts i gave to my family: gucci oven glove, thongs for my 93 year old grandma etc

also it is a one year anniversary since miltos manetas promised to do a painting for my parents 30th anniversary. and of course he never did it. he asked me for a graphic for it and i came up with a nice idea: a simple XXX.

anyway, miltos and i have been negotiating a painting ever since we met in 2000. i think it is wonderful that he manages to promise it all the time to me and keep my tension up and i always believe it. it is like a love and hate relationship. very strange. actually in last almost 8 years this is the most dominant subject. was there ever anything as silly as that. i don’t think so.

i think it is the greatest most intriguing relationship two people can have, an awesome artwork (if you one of those people that like to call everything an artwork). i am sorry it is not documented however lack of documentation makes it even more interesting.