naomi klein?

for a decade i keep hearing the name naomi klein.

i keep getting her books as gifts for my birthdays.

i do check it out from time to time but i just can not be bothered.

every time i get in touch with klein content it feels like reading witch hunting or alien conspiracies.

in short, it is a superficial and very negative sentiment.

very little understanding of people and essence of humanity.

fear and anger.

this sentiment does sell books and talks on an effective marketing model which usually works:

1) define and isolate a problem,

2) define and isolate an individual or a group of individuals who cause the problem,

3) present yourself as a solution.

same way detergent marketing works.

parallel to naomi klein there is patrick holford.

holford fights against the pharma industry by also selling books, lectures and endorses nutritional products.

there is no conspiracy.

there are only people who try to do something in a chaos of almost seven billion people who need to eat, sleep and want attention.

sometimes it works, sometimes does not.

sometimes it is something we don’t like, sometimes we like it.

sometimes it goes too far, sometimes nothing gets done.

we collectively learn, i hope, and get bother century after century.

any simplification of anything into binary classification makes very little sense to me.

christian or muslim?

white or black?

support pharma or against pharma?

for capitalism or against capitalism?

mcdonalds or not mcdonalds?

to smoke cigarettes or not?

i am allergic to cigarette smoke, everybody knows it kills people.

but people enjoy it so why not.

i do not mind it as long as it does not bother me directly.

relativism is hard and time consuming but it is safer and more objective.

relativism does not engage the audience.

binary confrontations do attract urban and younger people.

people need confrontations.

it is one of the basic elements of sports marketing.

will this rant ever end?