neen meme: hoops & yoyo study

thank you andy warhol hoops yoyo miltos manetas

miltos manetas made a super cool website

when i saw it first it had these two cute characters saying thank you million times.

i thought how cool these characters are. today i found the hoops & yoyo page on facebook and i realized miltos used hoops & yoyo for his piece.

also i realized that miltos’ work is based on the thing about people he is impressed with, and that i also use this thing.

i do not remember ever deciding to copy him or anyone who does this. i just did it. it is strange. i really did not copy, i just did it. i think i saw his website much before i have done it too but i did not notice he did it in the thankyou format. so srange…

also now i see he used cartoon characters in his work and i do the same. very weird.

also mai and angelo did same stuff. mai did poetry so long before me. domain name poetry. but i never thought of this when i did it.

i guess this is not real meme, we just come up with same ideas.

i really do not speak to them so much nor exchange ideas. at most our contact is very scarse and superficial and there is no need for it to be more. but i do believe in some kind of connection. maybe…

again, we are back to the question what neen is…

i am in touch with rafael often though.