new ironman world record - marino vanhoenacker at ironman austria 2011

marino vanhoenacker ironman hawaii bike

marino vanhoenacker has set the new ironman world record of 7h 45min 58sec.

swim: 46min 49sec (1:13/100m)
bike: 4h 15min 37sec (42.3 kmh)
run: 2h 39min 24sec (3:46min/km)

full marino’s ironman austra results at


i guess it pays of to keep doing and doing the same race until you learn it by heart.

(this is marino’s 4th consecutive win at ironman austria.)

previous world record was held by luc van lierde, also a belgian.

whats with belgians and ironman world records?

luc van lierde’s ironman world record was set in 1997 at challenge roth.

it took 14 years to improve it.