norseman extreme 2010 video

i participated in norseman extreme 2010.

i performed badly – i quit after the bike.

i had a lot of problems due to a tooth infection that showed few days before the race

and painkillers which i took the night before the race.

already at the swim i knew i was finished

but i hoped it would clear out so i somehow biked like that for another 7.5 hours.

the video looks great but when i remember my norseman bike experience i just wish to forget :)

nevertheless we had a great experience in norway and with the race.

meeting people and seeing new places is the goal of this sport and norseman was spot on.

i recommend this race to anyone but make sure you are well prepared and organized (unlike me).

again thanks to:

martina, who supported my neurotic training for the whole year,

ole, my coach, who prepared me well for the race (and i messed it up in last few days),

and djole, my support, who gave me the stregnth on the day of the race and overall made the whole experience in norway super cool.

for 2011 i am still not decided what will my next race be?

for sure i wish to experiment with ultra marathons: 50-100km distances and see how that goes.

slowly build up to longer runs in the woods.

i will do some tests in next few months and see how i feel about them.

i will still try to do one triathlon a year – probably a half ironman – to stay in touch with the coolest sport ever.