november road trip

i love road trips.

just came back from one.

1st day – samobor, croatia

dejan patrcevic nikola tosic

met with dejan, had dinner, walked up a hill in woods with his pregnant wife, helena, in the middle of the night, great experience.

2nd day morning – ljubljana, slovenia

met with dejan’s coach janez tomasic, and we complained to each other why dejan is not best in the world in stuff we try to teach him (he coaches him in sports, and me in “marketing”).

2nd day evening – citadella, italy

visited elite office, met with alessio who is a client, and we had a nice dinner with his sales manager peter, great food.

3rd day – fontaniva, italy


all day meeting, something liek 15 hours of talking from very practical things to daydreaming about elite work with alessio, great food for lunch, nice food for dinner. i knew i was super tired when after two coffees and a coke i still just dropped to sleep.

4th day afternoon – milano, italy

met with my sister maja, had lunch.

4th day evening – bellinzona, switzerland

it was igor‘s birthday so i drove to bellinzona in secret to surprise him. i organized it with his wife, elda. this is a video of him being surprised.

great dinner, very nice gnocchi. getting ultra tired but somehow moving on thanks to great company, nice food and lots of caffeine.

5th day 6am – bellinzona, switzerland

only time i could chat with igor before he went to work was so early, spoke to him a bit in his parents’ bar granata and then drove to milano.

5th day – milano, italy

all day to hang out with my sister, maja. we did some shopping and we also met my old roomate rob and checked out his office thebigspace (cool!). i got super annoyed she bought a jacket for 400 euros (wtf!!!) but she complained i spent 30 euros on coffee in a via montenapoleone bar (twice!) so i guess we are even with retarded useless luxury expenses. we walked around, saw a lot of bookstores, saw the edward hopper show in palazzo reale and watched the imaginarium of doctor parnassus which was super boring (maybe cause of italian?).

6th day lunch – vicenza, italy


met with old friend, terry, and his partner, michael. they made a super nice lunch. was great seeing an old friend after many years. one day was not enough to catch up.

6th day dinner – ljubljana, slovenia


meet with owners of hermes planet sports club franchise in slovenia, mateja and simon, and we had dinner in a slovenian restaurant. mateja gave me a quick massage as i was strugling to stay awake. i pretty much fainted in their home.

7th day – return to belgrade, serbia

am home, need sleep desperately…

i did some training when i could, only running. took 360 photos. slept in 5 different beds (couches) in 6 days. i love road trips.

now i have few weeks home and then off to copenhagen on 16th and to south africa starting january.

let me know if you want to meet anywhere.

photos are on