one degree poster by landor - its very hard to be original these days

i am a designer but i am utterly annoyed by looking at what other designers do but i still visit every few years. i noticed they featured one degree work by landor associates in their top 2008 works.

one degree poster lando associates

funny that a friends of mine at apartment studios, cape town, did more or less same work for travelstart and i think a year or two before landor associates.

travelstart identity

i would not go so far to say that mike staniford, jason little and tim warren from landor deliberately damian stephens and anne-sophie liens work, i think this is just an example that designers and artists are producing more and more and more and more stuff and to be different one just has to be very very different and not just a little bit different.

making pretty cool things for branding nowdays just does not work – it really has to be out there crazy fucking shit to grab any attention and remain memorable, theres just so much stuff being produced.