online on a farm in worcester

i just got an sms from my friend and employer chris from hamburg. we are doing a project for a real-estate investment firm in berlin. he asked me for some last minute changes before his presentation on monday. problem is i am on a farm in worcester amongst south african moutains.

it is beautiful to be here, again guest of hugo family who’s son i sponsor with helping around internet marketing and projects (check

tomorrow i will wake up around 4 am to do a local triathlon race which starts in a prison. it is called jailbreak. i am still few kilos overweight and horribly out of form but i think racing will be fun for me. i will take it very easy and enjoy the race as it goes through the wineyards and amongst the super awesome mountains.

i mean these mountains are just so great. i feel like i am on some other planet – like mars maybe. they make me just watch them and say nothing.