people remember the worst and last

steven spielberg made some good movies.

not great but good.

he is a good businessman for sure.

he earned a place in a place where you give directors place when they are important.

then came michael bay.

an absolute worst ever.

for all the time he has been making movies… finally this year he learned how to keep a shot for more than 3 secs.

therefore i am able to watch his movies longer than few mins without a head ache.

problem with michael bay movies is that there are so many product placements i can not remember which one to buy after.

too much for me to remember.

one thing about michael bay – he is the guy who made the most money in hollywood past year.


he must do something right. he used to make detergent ads or something. he tapped in the mind of the masses.

steven spielberg put hi reputation on line and decided to produce michael bay’s transformers.

for third time!

transformers three is coming out!


so steven decided to ruin his reputation and define himself as a complete money chaser.

how will history remember steven:

1) great director?

2) horrible producer?

3) one of many guys scammed by madoff?

4) guy who did a movie in a year which kubrick took years to only research (quick and easy)?