real change is great, fake change is a waste

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people constantly try to convince me that there is constant change.

they want me to be excited about it.

there have been only few real changes in my life.

first time i used a cell phone, maybe mid 90s, this was great change. i did not need to read the missed phonecalls notes my mom made while i was out, i could just receive and make calls while walking down the street. i could send messages as well. this was 15 years ago, i learned to do that in about 15 mins, nothing new happened since then in cell phones for me. actually they are same size, same price and 99,9% stuff i need them for is same.

i feel same about computers and internet. i played with spectrum and basic when i was a kid but that did not influence me very much, it was a side hobby. i did enjoy coding that CIRCLE CYAN 100 50 25 whatever thing and seeing stuff on the bedroom tv screen (i could not use the living room tv cause my parents were watching it).

then came the pc – keyboard, monitor, internet, external discs like floppy, cd etc… and after that, in last 15 years, nothing changed. it always seems slow, i always talk to the same type of people, i always do the same stuff, and im using the same stuff i learned the first few days. i had more fun playing mortal combat 1, civilization ad bomberman than any game now, although it all feels same. i was up all night online 15 years ago just as i am now. thats it. nothing new.

clothing – also – not much change there. i could wear same stuff i wore when i was a kid (i actually do!).

cars – i drive an old audi a4 – i really do not want to change it. its a good car. too good for me. i drove a lot of new cars, i fail to see the difference except that they are new. its four wheels, four seats, goes within the speed limit, need to buy gas for it and wash it sometimes. thats it. what is important for me is that it plays music well and my 15 year old audi still does that well.

politics – there was a change when we were bombed but that sort of became normal. would i be surprised if bombs were falling around again – not really. im sort of blunt. bombs fall around here every few decades, its not change, its a state of things.

changes in my life were mostly when i was a kid, the rest seems just like dull repetition with 0,1% tweeking on details.

if i was born 20 years sooner or 20 years later there would be no difference.

marketers always want to pretend there is change. you have to offer something new. humans are programmed to crave change. its how evolution works. marketers know this and its easy to fake it. change a color, a word, move something a bit to the right or left and there you go. it is hard for people to have an objective point if view, people focus on details, and with such focus its easy to fake change.

but it is not the fault of marketers. a good marketer is actually stupid. good marketer does not think but he just is a consumer. smart marketer is like a smart foot soldier – not good. marketers fall for their own tricks. if they knew what is behind the tricks they would not be in marketing cause marketing is not really high on the understanding of universe hierarchy.

there is no conspiracy.

it is just the way it is.

real change is too slow.

we will be dead before it happens.

all you have is a ridiculous faith that it will happen.