religion is great

saint nicholas saves three innocents from death ilya repin

i was in the bathroom and browsing through an edward hopper book (most eyes in his paintings and etches are black!).

for some reason i remembered i will die (again!)… i saw some photos of people from 100 or so years ago and it reminded me of death. thanks to this most annoying morning scare i quickly remembered how great religion is.

i wish i was religious.

religion (the concept, not the institution) is such an awesome invention, it is perfect, creatively solves the most important of all human problems – death.

it has really wonderful stories, visuals, concepts all built around a basic element of death, life and pretty much everything important which is human. essential being the death part – the eternal life of the soul.

being truly religious must be wonderful, but i am not the lucky one.

too objective for my own good.

it is strange that some people do get surprised that some other people use drugs, believe in god and afterlife, or obsess with trivial surrogate stuff… considering the human condition these are most logical choices.

i’m listening to philip glass… so good.