running first week of february 2011


monday: rest

tuesday: 5km warmup & 6 x 1000m @ 3:50-4:00/km with 2min recovery & 2km cooldown = 13km

wednesday: 7km easy finish with 10 x 100m submax = 7km

thursday: 5km warmup & 2 x 5km @ 3:50-4:00/km with 2min recovery & 1km cooldown = 16km

friday: 6km easy

saturday: 5km warmup & 10 x 1000m @ 3:45-4:00/km with 90sec recovery (last one @3:36/km) & 1km cooldown = 16km

sunday: 30km @ 4:31/km

total: 88km

last time i ran this much was more than 15 years ago.

i am not a runner, i am a triathlete.

i need to get used to running every day.

i am not swimming and cycling at all.

i will start those maybe in march.

i am a annoyed by runners’ lack respect for the change from triathlon to running.

i became a “temporary runner” only 3 weeks ago.

however i do enjoy the new crowd.

compared to runners i am super slow.

they do long runs at 4:00-4:15/km and chat.

serbia does not offer much for a mid-pack guy like i am.

it is either elites or finishers.

so i am mostly stuck with my ipod.

i am boring myself with this post but i could not come with anything better.

and i wanted to post something in five minutes.