say no to ironing report


in jtt partners we are obliged to wear white button down shirts.

in the start i had them ironed or i ironed them.

i had two impressions about ironing:

– wrinkles reappear during wearing very quickly, so ironing has a short term effect;

– ironing, in my view, added no aesthetic value compared to wrinkles;

– ironing takes too much time;

– ironing takes too much space;

– ironing wastes energy.

i decided to not iron my white shirts at all and see how i feel about it.

instead of ironing, i would hang my shirts on hangers so i minimize wrinkles.

eventually i got over the addiction

i have two conclusions:

– wrinkles are artistically beautiful;

– wrinkled shirt gives a message of activity and roughness;

– i stopped worrying about if and how much my clothing is wrinkled;

– i saved almost 2 days of my life per year;

– i save about 5 eur per year on electric bill.

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