say no to military

i am not a very ambitious person, i think, but at some points i do get an idea how i should change the world… to better i hope.

one such attempt is very simple, it took me ages to develop a method which is simple. text is most simple, ideas are simple, philosophy and morality is simple. here is a simple website through which i hope i can end all war in the world.

text is not finished nor polished up. i wrote it in about 3 minutes and uploaded it. that’s it. nothing fancy. army websites have flash animations and they are my main competitors. i just did one html page and have zero advertising budget. we will see who wins in the long run. they are full of crap and i am not. i should win.

let me know what you think. forward it around. thanks.

this website is research into ambition of a single individual, about megalomaniacal crazy attempts, about where is the limit to call something crazy or something super smart or weather something like this will deserve any attention at all. but besides all the bullshit fuss has a correct message and a correct goal so that is what should count.