so bad when art tries so hard

salvador dali man ray

i really do not like when someone tries to convince me art is good through some bullshit authority.


1) where artist exhibited

2) who bought the artist’s work

3) with whom did artist exhibit

4) who curated the artist

5) which media reported on the artist’s work

none has anything to do with the effect of the art work on me.

i feel patronized when i am offered this information.

as if i am too stupid to judge the work myself.

as if art is some kind of a telemarketing product.

artists who bother with this namedropping kiss-ass strategies are wasting their talents and their lives.

if you wish to make art start an independent small business so you can produce art on your own.

don’t sell yourself for namedropping.

your life will pass by and at the end you will be able only to show how much ass you kissed.

your art will not be good because best art should be pure and honest.

you can not be pure and honest if you have to kiss ass.

it is good to know people truly enjoy your art.

how can you trust anyone if they enjoy it if because you are supported by authority.

it is as if someone pretends to love you so they can get your money.


what is really good art?