social purpose of smoking

death of marat

smoking kills.

what does it mean “kills”?

it means that people die from smoking related illness, not natural death.

this means that people live shorter.

if in a country 60% of people smoke than all these people will live 5-10 years shorter.

the years lost are not the productive years, but exactly the years when citizen is inactive.

this is the time when citizen costs the state.

therefore smoking helps the state save money.

not only taxes are good but social expenses are significantly longer.

great product for the state, but a bitch for the smokers.

however most people do not care if they die at 50, 60, 70 or 80.

it does not matter to most until they are actually very close to death.

no wonder state allows product like cigarettes.

smoking, along side feminism, was one of the great methods for state to make more money:

1) by engaging women in work production and therefore profits increased,

2) by allowing popularization of smoking unproductive and costly citizens were taken out of calculation.

i am not saying any of these were designed.

i think no one really knows how history happens.

but argument is simple: if i think it, why would not someone in the government think it and influence it.