two years ago i did branding and advertising for project.

together with ruth and dan, we decided on the name and designed the first logo in gil sans and olympic colors. we used the idea of selling kilometers of the race.

from one side i was unhappy when part of my work was substituted in the last year. i was very passionate about the project and i really did not understand why was part of my work not used anymore. now when i analyze it i am sure the problem was in management on both sides. my services were definitely not adjusted for this kind of organization, and songo organization, at the moment, was not ready for my kind of work. i learned and i hope i am more adapted now. i was and still am hurt a bit. i do not know why. i can not channel it.

but this is only one small detail from my insignificant point of view as a designer…

on a much more general scale i am very happy that the project is growing and that i was a small part of it. it really is an amazing project. i visited them last year and i saw all these kids meeting in the morning, fixing their bikes, putting on little helmets and everything. so cute. and they do train hard – i have seen them many times doing the roads.

you have to imagine what kind of a place khayamandi is – very cruel. i can not imagine how tough people who live there are. i mean, we can joke how tough we are back here, in serbia, or europe… but nothing in europe can even come close to the challenges a place like khayamandi can offer. it is awesome that they have something nice like the songo bmx track. this can offer so much to them.

check it out –