Special Nobel Prize for discovery of death

Nobel Foundation has decided to award Special Nobel Prize to the person who discovered death some 200,000 years ago.

Nobel Foundation recognizes discovery of death as the most important discovery in Human history.

This amazing discovery has marked a Homo evolution into Homo Sapiens (Knowing Man).

The first person who actually understood death fully will be recognized and awarded 10 million Swedish Kroner.

“Due to overproduction of Nobel Prizes we have been awarding them left right for all kinds of weird stuff. Finally we have reorganized and decided to recognize the single most important discovery in Human history – discovery of death. Humans were not humans before they understood and accepted death.” says Michael Sohlman, Executive Director of Nobel Foundation.

“We are looking to the next discovery of such magnitude. We are aware that this stuff about physics, medicine etc is not even scratching the surface. Next Special Nobel Prize will be awarded only for discovery of such greatness as discovery of death was. Possibly this new discovery will enable evolution of Homo Sapiens to the next evolutionary step.” concluded Michael Sohlman.

Discovery of death paved the path for numerous other discoveries like religion, suicide, murder, graveyard…

Due to difficulty of identifying the discoverer of death, Special Nobel Prize will be symbolically awarded to a entertainer or upper level manager who employs the best publicist.