start trek: from almost art to whatever which is not art


i was looking at bob peak posters which reminded me of star trek first movie which is so awesome. that vger stuff, the computer graphics of spok flying through the vger, that bold model girl, the conversations they have, everything is so 70s cool…

then i think of the latest star trek which is like super aggressive and angry and whatever. i guess that sells and before they did not care so much about selling as much as about making something nice. i wonder if this is good or not.

certainly i tend to be more nostalgic for the days when star trek was tending to be more art pretending to be commercial, then nowdays when commercial pretends to be art.

certainly as time passes a medium moves from art to more commercial mass, video and tv stuff at the start was super art and now it is commercial mass stuff. same happens to internet but in a span of 2 decades instead of a century. it took maybe many centuries for this to happen to books.

i need to start watching 70s movies again…