stefan eriksson's herring, mathias dahlgren's herring

ivan and me were privileged to experience two of stockholm’s most important chefs:

– stefan eriksson in his restaurant atelier food

– mathias dahlgren in his restaurant matbaren


accidentally they both served us food i really do not like: herring.

but i gave it a try.

the difference a great chef can make is of course great.

that is why they are who they are.


steffan first made the most amazing herring for lunch.

stefan eriksson herring atelier food stockholm


then we visited matbaren and i asked dahlgren for recommendation and he said: herring.

i tried to defend: “well i just had herring for lunch”.

he replied: “you did not have MY herring” and left me no choice.

mathias dahlgren herring matbaren stockholm


so it was stefan’s herring for lunch and mathias’ herring for dinner.

i hate herring, but i loved it.

now, after stockholm, if i was mortally allergic to herring i would eat it if stefan and mathias prepared it…

and i would die happy.