still cleaning the house

i am still cleaning my apartment and i see no end to it.

it feels like being lost at sea.

almost all hope is gone and martina and i have to lie to ourselves that one day we will be finished.

we just have to persist in dividing things in “useful” “souvenir” and “trash”.

cleaning the apartment

you can notice 6 huge wooden polls in the middle of the living room.

also i spent a fortune on those plastic boxes.

cleaning the apartment

the vanity wall is down.

i think i had enough of looking at my race numbers on my own walls.

will try to hang stuff which is not about me, but maybe inspires me a bit.

cleaning the apartment

found my old running shoes from 15 years ago and my old oil paintings (not so bad some of them).

also found my first design portfolio and was impressed how nice some designs are.

pray for us!