supporting an adventure racer

dan hugo totalsports challenge 2009 beach run

adventure races are a combination of a lot of endurance sports. totalsports challenge has paddling, swimming, road cycling, road running, surfski, mtb and beach running. two members of a team i sponsor through my mini-business competed and both won. dan hugo won as individual and conrad stoltz won as part of a team.

it was a lot of fun to watch the event for the third time (i watched it past two years as well). dan won it for the third time.

working with athletes from the team is a very enjoyable project. i understand it is hard to make it interesting for my usual audience made of obscure art and internet nerds, but, trust me, sports are great as well, and once you get into following it more it is super fun. working with them allows me to be really into it and it is very sweet escapist hobby.

several years ago, before i started working with the team, i was having a drink with a very old friend and asked him what is a good way to spend time, how to have years pass. he suggested, part in a joke part being serious (only he can pull it off like this) that i should be a soccer team fan and follow the team around the world. on some level it made a lot of sense to me.

now i realize i actually acted on his advice but in a very bizarre manner. it is not soccer and i sort of “made” a team. maybe some weird kind of need to control things or to make things exactly as i want them, some obsession… but it works… i enjoy it and i believe others who are part of it enjoy it too. i think everybody found something in it and that is how it works.

like everything else in life, this as well is a mystery and i just try to keep up with myself… triathlon team links: triathlon team on facebook – dan hugo in english – igor nastic in italian – conrad stoltz in english – fraser cartmell in english – dejan patrcevic in croatian – dejan patrcevic in german – aleksandar sorensen in danish – aleksandar sorensen in english