the bad lieutenant: port of call - new orleans

bad lieutenant nicholas cage

martina said: lets see this movie.

i was reluctant, thinking its another crap movie.

can you blame me? after so many bad movies i have seen this year i have been considering not watching movies ever again.

she finally made me go. (why she was so much into this movie i really do not know, its definitely not her type of movie!)

when we were entering i saw the poster, actually a super bad poster, and then i noticed – it said werner herzog.

i was so happy!

movie was so good.

of course it was good.

its a werner herzog movie with nicholas cage, 50cent, iguanas and fish.

every single scene is falling apart, everything is a dump, everybody is a mess and nothing is predictable.

so good!

i guess somehow this movie managed to get made in such a horrible year for movies.

i can not really tell which scene is best. the one with cage getting upset with old women in the home is definitely super funny.

this is a must!