the cove movie

the bridge on the river kwai

i am not a fan of clint eastwood as an artist, but i do respect his attempt to present the iwo jima conflict from both sides. i always like tora! tora! tora! as well. it is good to see that japan who sneaked on pearl harbor and usa which bombed nagasaki and hiroshima, are able to make movie together.

then there was tom cruise and the last samurai showing the japanese aristocracy is a more acceptable light.

enter the cove documentary.

anti-japanese propaganda at its best (worst).

the cove shifts inter-cultural respect and understanding between japan and usa back to 1940s.

how many times was this horrible crime against dolphins been related to the entire nation of japan with consistent repetition of the words “japanese” and “japan”. I find it bizarre to relate anything of this size to a nation of 100 million people.

people who made the cove made a huge mistake not to include any japanese in the production and the movie itself. amazing! i thought at least some precaution would be made in this area and at least one japanese would not be presented like either an idiot, liar or a corrupt imperialist murderer of their own children.

simply: the cove makes borat look serious.

im still amazed which movies received academy awards this year…

if you liked the cove i suggest the bridge on the river kwai or michael bay’s pearl harbor. however both movies gave a bit more credit to japanese than the cove.