the mechanic (2011)

the mechanic ben foster

when i was a kid i saw the mechanic (1972) with charles bronson.

it is one of the first movies i saw.

whole my life i remembered the lip reading scene and the end scene with poisoned wine.

it was imprinted in my memory.

today i saw the remake and i loved it.

i usually do not like jason statham but he was good.

however i am a big fan of ben foster who is super cool neurotic little messy guy.

the mechanic (2011) is cool although the original had much more taste in shooting locations.

on another note, mini adnen really does not make any sense in the new version.

every movie needs a love / sex thing to work, but she is just not movie material.

she has no ass.

her agent should make her eat a bit more before she gets into a next movie.

what works in fashion does not work in a sex scene with statham.

she looks like he can break her in half.

statham needs more booty!