the sacrifice of godfather


godfather three is a very sad movie.

the message is that michael always was a man who did what he felt he had to do, not what he wanted.

sunny should have been the leader and eventually sunny does become the leader through his son vincent.

michael has sacrificed everything to reach the ideals he has forgotten.

at the end he lost everybody and every sense of identity and dies alone, just disappearing.

the last scene of godfather is maybe the saddest scene in movie history.

it an archetypical story many can identify.

you must do what it takes for things to work.

but which things? you never know. we follow an ideal, imagination, and we sacrifice.

what happens after us. it is irrelevant.

we are like a machine that must sacrifice everything even our closest to get something done, and we alone do not even know what it is.

michael is constantly confused and lost in the whole movie, yet he does what he learned before – to kill to succeed. he is unable to do anything else.

sacrifice is cruel. time we can never get back.

very depressing but a great movie.

sophia coppola, andy garcia and al pacino are great.