thinking before saying

goofy slam dunk

i am wondering how much some people think before they say. i am sure i can not do this, i did not analyze it enough, but i do not remember if i ever thought about what i will say. i do not think what i will say and then say it, i just do not do that, it is extreme effort for me, like lifting a car or something.

but some people, it seems to me, do this quite often.

i do not think its bad nor good, it just is. (i used this phrase many times.)

but i do have a lot of problems while communicating with people who are like this, i mostly feel like they are bullshitting me even if they are mother teresa.

i do not know… i am confused…

i think many people underestimate spontaneity and overestimate tactical behavior or whatever you call it. i guess they think that they can think of things to say to get a desired result and this process, i am sure, statistically fails them quite a lot, but if it works out once they convince themselves this is the way to do it. however, maybe i make the same mistake, but the difference is that i have no choice about how i function, while choosing to think i think is partially learned rather than part of the initial behavior programming.

i am not an expert, these are very superficial observations, please help me with your ideas…