this is how we roll

nikola tosic

there is no we…

i do my rides mostly alone…

one ipod nano earphone in my left ear (away from the road so my right ear keeps me alive) and i just go easy next to the ocean.

i am a very boring rider:

same music for 3 years – no change – its 50% metallica with some alice in chains, pearl jam and l7. some goran bregovic and rocky soundtrack of course, for those 10+ degree climbs.

i only do one road, i am too lazy to change, the older i am the more i repeat myself, the more boring and safe i am. it is a nice road though, one of the most beautiful in the world i think: seapoint – chapmans peak. ocean on one side, most amazing mountains on the other, on way back they switch and its still cool. nice ocean air even on hottest days.

i ride alone because i want to leave exactly when i want to leave. if i want to write one more email i will stay extra 10 mins online and then go. alone is good for now. i do not wish to chase no one since most are faster than me.

but do not hesitate to join me, i love to chat when i ride and i can change my course, turn off the music and even meet you at an agreed time and place.

see you on the beach road.