three types of poems

broncho jack poet

i was thinking today: there are three types of poems i write:

entertaining poems entertain, they are funny and i get a reaction out of the audience. they make me look cool and people remember and like them. they are like advertising so they work best in the moment and easily sold.

simple poems are very blunt and too simple to entertain. sort of like traffic signs – these poems give information and probably require some kind of special focus from audience for any kind of reaction. time passes slow with these and they are not great for listening or reading. maybe in some special relaxing mood. there is always part of the audience which will enjoy them but never everybody. these poems document.

personal research poems are mostly understood as complete shit or mistakes but they are not like this. they are very necessary and great to write. not great to read out loud to an audience, quite embarrassing actually to even remember writing them, but they are as important as anything else. also these poems are perfect copies of miniature moods and nothing else can present a millisecond better than they do. but sometimes these details are not interesting which is just fine. not everything should be cool.

so it is good to entertain but not everything is about being entertaining. i think maybe only 1% of human art production can be entertaining, can be digested by other people. the other 99% is very different, it is not good to consume and it is not funny. it just is. but it is important just as you have to see a dentist when you have a tooth problem, humanity also needs that other 99%.