unique visits, wordpress, openads

this month was good for my unique visits. i measure only few of my sites which are important for me.

on these six sites i’ve had some 90 000 unique visits during october. this is not much but it was more than 15% increase over september. also none of these websites are commercial and are super niche (running in serbia, fake sarcastic news blog, triathlon in south africa, this crazy blog…). i did not have any ambitions on doing anything for the masses yet.

i also installed one more wordress website and i installed openads so i can start managing ads on some of my websites.

although i am super frustrated by some code errors i am not able to fix i am happy that i am progressing with all the web stuff. internet is much richer since ive first started and now i need to keep my eyes open all the time. there are so many things i have to be up-to-date with. its 24/7 job.

but i love it.