vote for my blog

i have entered my sports club blog in a local online competition. it is open for votes. if you have a moment i would greatly appreciate it if you would vote for me. to do so click here.

the website is in serbian: in the green sqaure click on blue word “ovde”, a new page will open, than register with your email and username, you will get a password emailed to you, than go back here and vote (you will need to register this time with username and pass).

of course, if you do not think my blog is worthy of your vote than i do not want you to vote for me. the point of this post is not to get my friends to vote because they are friends, but to remind those who like this blog to offer it some support.

it was fun to write how a serbian website should be used. i’m sure there is money in writing user guides for websites. thank you for that!