wassup rockers by larry clark

i am a fan of larry clark but i am always a bit nervous before i watch his movies. his movies were always scary for me. but wassup rockers is, for me, his best movie i have seen and i enjoyed it so much.

wassup rockers is probably one of the most positive & cool films i have ever seen and it was super entertaining. i love the way no one cares about death, how it just passes by and is forgotten. i am listening ot twin peaks theme now and twin peaks is a total oposite, it is built on one death which just can not go away, which lingers forever and just grows and all these people parasite of it. larry clarks presents death as something that is like a blink of an eye: happens and things go on. very nice.

another thing i like is how beverly hills is super dangerous for these kids. i do not see it as any kind of social critique. it is just a fact that people are very segregated, especially in colonial countries like usa, but in general everywhere, and are in fact hostile. as we kiss each other asses we are ready to kill the first foreigner on sight – it is in our genetic code. larry again shows it as it is, at least to me.

great work larry clark, keep at it!