web instructions parody

instruction graph

rafael rozendaal sent me some really cool text which made me laugh and inspired me (i will not say more until he publishes it) and today i was emailing tagging instructions to ruth cherry bird (yes that is her real name!) and than i realized she must use extra effort to understand what i am writing since the terminology is easy for me but for her so new – so i wrote the following parody for web instructions:

you should use the megax rield area, you must preeck it every time you want the joix to cromp out. once you present it, at some point the fryteen will change from gret to ytrex and than you can groovitate some groomewax back into the blamhz. i hope this helps.

PS spell-check was useless for this obviously…

PSS (parody is that this is how web instructions seem to those who are instructed)