weight loss report 11 nov 2013

nino shurter julien absalon


raw data

i started weight loss on 4 july 2013.

weight on 4 july 2013 was 78.1 kg.

today my weight was 67.7 kg.

total weight loss is 10.5 kg.

i lost 13.4 % of my starting weight.

weight loss rate was 80 g / day.

i spent total of 139 h 15 min training.

i spent a total of 4.43 % of time to loose 13.4 % of weight.


services used

i am using following services:

– mtb technique lessons by jovana crnogorac, 4th in the world u23 mtb

– massage min once a week

– i started going to the gym to increase power, strengthen the core, and prevent injuries

– bike maintenance



i had the first injury, possibly due to high seat position.

this motivated me to be more precise with bike fit, stretch more, and lift weights.

when mountain biking i still have a lot of fear from falling and fear from heights.

i just have to ride more and more to fix this.

i have a list of challenges which scare me, like downhills and drops, which i need to overcome.



yesterday i was running on a treadmill.

i started with 12kmh, increased quickly to 15kmh, and then to 18 kmh.

listening to nice metal song, singing, i felt super energized and could keep these paces for 2 km.

i wish to reach a point in mountain biking where i have this kind of control and aggression.

i am very bored by not being technically able to ride aggressively.

and i am so impressed when i see those who can.

it is a most beautiful thing to be able to ride powerfully through a singletrack.


general impressions

i learned to jump on a mountain bike, which is great fun.

without lifting weights or running, my gym strength and running improved only from cycling.

my gym strength and running endurance were very low, but still good to have some positive transfer.

positive transfer saves time.

although i am 10 kg lighter, i still can do only 6 pullups.

i guess this is my mental laziness #ifuckinghatepullups