what does one do?


i am 32 years old.

i my lifetime i have met people who have done some horrible things…

…yet they are in “high positions” which are justified by some success and pomp.

i know child molesters, corrupt health officials with private airplanes, wife beating business owners…

i know their names, i know what they did and i even know what they will do.

i keep meeting more and more these people who just really fuck things up and somehow they are accepted.

they are not moral people and a lot of people know it, yet they accept them because somehow they managed to achieve something decent.

truth is a lot of people achieve more but do not bother as hard as these people to advertise it.

these people need to advertise it so much because for sure they must feel scared to be publicly discovered.

everybody knows the truth but no one says it.

the fear is from the spoken word, not from the knowledge.

they fear is so powerful that they raise the social ladder super quick and have power to influence hundreds of people.

moral yet insecure people will support and protect them.

“live and let others live” or “learn to forgive”.

i do not know.

it is time i read the bible a bit more and pray for batman.