what i like about norway


i have pent 24 hours in norway so far.

here is what i like:

1) people make little rock sculptures (piles of rocks) whenever they stop somewhere, these are all over the place

2) you can swim, bike or run at 11pm, its still daylight

3) everybody is genuinely nice (except people who manage the camp where we stay)

4) common supermarket yogurt and bread is really good

5) coffee refills are free (like in usa)

6) fjord water is super calm, like a mirror

7) i still can not figure out the money, which makes it emotionally easier to spend

some stuff which i do not like about norway:

1) ultra mega super expensive

2) girl in a supermarket did not know that butter is not margarine, she things margarine is a word for anything yellow that you put on bread (seriously!)

3) everybody wears hiking clothes

4) bad coffee (like in usa)