where magic happens

where magic happens

merlin had his cave, frankenstein has his castle, freud had his bergstrasse 19, and i have my little granite table.

i designed this table approx 15 years ago out of a huge piece of granite my parents ended up with, it was fun. back then i did not know this was design. i like that it is not a big desk.

anyway. this is where i do my magic. there is everything i need. it looks small but it is a lot.

1 ) martina got me some grapefruit juice, morning carbs

2 ) land line and cell, i use a very cheap cell usually as i use them in training and i really avoid cell communication. i usually buy several nokia’s which cost 25-30 euros. i get robbed often as well, or i break them when i train. i will consider more expensive phones when i need to test stuff but for now i just work with people who have more experience with those things and i stick to my own things. i am not a phone person.

3 ) post it, need them always, like immediate todos and reminders, i do not even want to know how many things i have to monitor, probably more than 100, and for each there is one or more people whom i have to remember and understand. post it is very welcome.

4 ) i just printed my todo list – 3 a4 papers in small font. and that is only higher priority stuff and not including admin, training and my own smaller projects and writing. :) somehow i get it all done and it all works out. it was amazing when i actually printed it, i could not believe how overwhelming it looks. i actually work little, i just upgrade my organization systems often. if i stick to one system i would get overloaded easily. long story… there is a methodology and meta-methodology and meta-meta-methodology for everything!

5 ) toshiba portege, i know that because i read it just now. i actually have no clue what stuff i use. for my cell as well i had to check if it is nokia. who cares. it works.

6 ) bunch of stuff like external hdd, old ipod which serves as an additional external hdd, digital camera, cartirges, cables. also i have a bunch of moleskins there: address book (i try to keep contacts on paper as well since my cells keep getting broken and stolen), big one for more visual stuff, small ones for quick meetings, another small ones for what i call information connections (learning experiment i did over few months few years ago). also plastic folders for my swimming plans.

7) wacom bamboo – i remembered that gadget brand and model!

8 ) nice notebook pocket, very useful when in africa when i use internet cafes for work.

9 ) i keep my quick shoelace locks on my laps, otherwise i keep loosing them.

10 ) yes i have a portrait of myself just above my work desk. it was done at piazza del duomo, milano, by a peruan guy. he did a real good job. most street artists are either angry or arrogant, especially when i tell them i do art as well. i like to do street portraits and its hard to get good ones. i was lucky with this guy.

11 ) poster to a festival i organized years ago, it was designed by anselmo, concept by me. i paid him and then asked him for the money back. (another long story, he did great work however and is a friend.)

thats where i work and it is enough to make anything within my work. its efficient and pleasant.

behind me i have a small home gym with swiss ball and dumbells which with some imagination is more than enough for a lot of physical self-torture. kitchen is there too. some fruit on a table. thats it. when i need to clear my head i do an hour on turbo trainer in the garage or run few laps around the building or a run in a park few hundred meters away.

easy living in november…

come and visit :)