why are products cheaper in usa?


some points of view on why usa stuff is cheaper:

1) only some stuff is cheaper – shoes, bikes, jeans, hamburgers, gas… gas is some 4 times cheaper in usa! but services are expensive. health is expensive.

2) usa is socialist – the difference in price is covered by government subsidies. ever since ford, disney and until recent government bailouts usa goverment has always helped usa businesses for the sake of social order. no different than most socialist countries.

3) usa is capitalist – difference in price can be “covered” by investors. business goals are revolving around investor impression: if they sell a lot of stuff and numbers are big, investors get excited and invest. dumping prices as marketing strategy and then covering the gap by attracting investment might be an option but i am sure this is not so obvious. i know for sure some companies i got in touch with do this. it is super aggressive. thats why there is a crash every 5 years.

if you have comments please let me know.