why i do not care about egyptian demonstrations

mubarak obama

i could not care less for egyptian demonstrations.

here is why:

i was in serbia for serbian demonstrations.

for a while pushing on half a million people on the streets.

all doing the same thing.

crazy power.

i would work on a website and when i get bored i would visit friends on barricades.

one guy in a car got crazy and just ran through people and barricades.

for no reason whatsoever, just a crazy nervous guy.

really stupid thing to do because 200m later he had to stop on the red light.

why would you go over people and then stop on a red light?


it took me about 20secs to run to him, by the time i was there

his car was totally demolished by the mob and he was all beaten up.

some 50 tough guys can do a lot of damage in 20secs.

a cop came in to protect him and a guy smacked the cop in the face and started running.

cop went after him.

what follows i did not see myself but heard.

the guy ran few blocks and met his friends, cop caught up.

guy and friends turned to the cop and said: so now what asshole?

game over.

what i cared about is to do my work.

these things are nice anecdotes but in reality are super boring bullshit.

cnn and bbc make a show out of it.

i remember seeing bbc and cnn crew doing a video on the street and then sitting for a coffee in the first bar.

i would watch the same report on cnn and bbc later that day

(even saw myself once) and it would be like terror and mayhem.

i would think: hey! i was there! i did not see any of this stuff when they filmed!

after windows99 (how we call bombing of serbia) i do not trust anything i see on cnn and bbc etc.

whats going on in egypt?

we do not know.

probably has nothing to do with what cnn and bbc are reporting.

if you react to these reports, still in 2011, you really need a reality check.

but do i still watch cnn and bbc?

of course, its entertainment, not news.

i just do not care about it.

if they say million people died – i feel like im watching transformers or star wars.

i trust nothing but its fun to watch.

i especially like rt which is absolute nonsense but for me it is like watching will ferrell.

is it a fault of media that it is fictious, not objective.

that is a philosophical question.

if you think people can be objective in some ideal form then you can get very frustrated.

i believe people can never be objective.

subjectivity is entertaining.

enjoy it!

million people died!



what is one million if we have seven billion?

egypt is free?

what does that mean?

the word free means nothing.

it is the biggest bullshit word ever.

freedom does not exist.

it is an ideal.

humans can not genetically achieve freedom.

if egyptians are free then they are not homo sapiens.

good luck to cnn, bbc, egyptians and will ferrell.