why is contemporary art important?

henry moore

i meet people who are confused by contemporary art.

they do not like it nor understand its purpose.

i always tried to explain how important it is, but i was not able.

finally, yesterday, i think i figured out a nice explanation.

people communicate, in many different ways.

this is what makes us human, communication is the most important aspect of being who we are.

we use gestures, expressions, sounds, language, numbers, music, movement, action, objects.

we use all these to express ourselves to others.

language is far from being the only method of communication, maybe it is least effective.

pop music is a way to communicate, food is a way to communicate.

we always say something to others, we have that need although it is not always obvious.

art is a form of communication.

contemporary art is at the most extreme position in the communication spectrum.

although we might not like it or not understand it,

we should accept is as an attempt to communicate that operates within its extreme position.

we should not judge it, but we can accept that we do not enjoy or understand it.

just because it does not communicate to us,

it does not mean it is not someone’s attempt to communicate.

hope this helps?