youtube cover songs



notice the difference?

if there was a list of the most annoying things that can happen to you online

on top of that list would definitely be youtube cover songs.

there is nothing more annoying than clicking on a link, hoping to see an original video

and then realizing you are about to see someone from australia

completely miss the point of the song.

if you want to listen to hey ya it is because of the energy,

if you take out the energy you have text and some vague residue of the melody.

no thanks!

with all due respect to australia, i am sure its a great place, im just using it as a metaphor.

i want originals, i have no time to experiment. especially, due to its patented-two-line-algorithms, became super infested by covers.

example of and youtube algorithms:

1 if title same as search
2 play

maybe few more lines should be added there?

i have to spend 10 mins finding an original song in an ocean of covers.

imagine if you needed to buy medicine and some person from australia gave you a “cover medicine”

saying: “i really felt like doing my own version of this medicine, i hope you like it, i had X million views”

there should be a ban on youtube cover songs!