nikola tosic

Nikola Tosic
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Father of three living in Belgrade
I lived in Lagos, Missouri, Milano, Thessaloniki, Paris, Cape Town
I was born on 29th December 1977 (current age 44)

Ideas without action are useless
OI, LinkedIn, Facebook Every few years my team chooses a new problem to solve: (current project) - open innovation for SMBs - CRM focused not on money but on customer experience
MitDNA - sport coaching automations which increase number of clients a coach can help
Multirunner AI - AI running coach API able to personalize daily running workouts for millions

Only innovation can lead us to full equality and immortality - summary of my beliefs - imaginary future country as a reference for contemporary challenges
My more detailed philosphical beliefs are expressed by my poetry

Poet (artist)
Everyone is an artist, art is a universal human ability
Instagram, Facebook, TikTok - all my poems in a timeline since 2000 - my poetry NFTs
MAXXI 2018 - poetry workshop
Something New - art show open for everyone, London 2007 & Chicago 2009
personality stereotypes, educational sticker, meet in a nice restaurant
I had a group show in Deitch Projects in 2001
I was part of neen - my first art project in 1999 was an online art show dedicated to Kubrick

Open design is the only real design
I am a brand strategy & product designer with a focus on open innovation
Creative director in Benetton, with Massimo Vignelli and Andy Cameron
Art director in Icon Medialab & Landor

Sports coach
Do not train without a coach
I coach triathlon age groupers with focus on training / life balance
I designed Multirunner AI and MitDNA with an aim to help millions get fitter
I worked with sports brands on designing their products, experiences, brands - I founded a team of elite triathletes who wanted to write & shared their knowledge
Hermes - I founded a triathlon & running club in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia
I finished Ironman South Africa 2006, Challenge Roth 2007, Ironman UK 2007, Ironman Austria 2008 (PB 9:33)
I was obese at 90 kg and lost 30 kg reaching 59.5 kg