100m reality check


i was just thinking how about human ability to ignore reality.

i am sure that within 100m of every single person, unless you are in the middle of some desert, there is something absolutely horrible going on, yet no one really cares, wants to think about it, and therefore does anything about it.

i am not bitter about this or anything like that. i am stating a fact. we only find out about these things through the most indirect channels and we never see it even if it is in front of our faces. even if we see some of it there is always more – it is like an iceberg.

this is how people are. sales and advertising are partially based on this. media is partially based on this. of course they are based on this because these are the most basic human trays.

for example how can someone sit in a cafe in stellenbosch south africa and wear 200 euro sun glasses when less than 1000m away are 20 000 people living in cardboard shacks and dieing daily of some disease or killing each other for nothing… south africa is hardly an isolated case, this is everywhere, that is my point. if it is not so blunt as obvious as south african towhsnip than it is something else, yet still caused by human fear of seeing it.

there is something about seeing bad stuff directly that people really really do not like. it is weakness and you do not want to see it. if you can avoid seeing it you can avoid thinking it and you can convince yourself all is great, you are great and things are going well.

this is all just so interesting.