29th february neen show at interstitial festival

29th february neen show at interstitial festival

my 29th february poster is actually made for a neen show which will happen tonight as part of interstitial festival by i cubed hypermedia in chicago. check out the website here.

my poster is printed and is on sale on spot for, i think, us$ 20. that is obviously cheaper than what i am selling it for online. i am not sure if that is a good or bad thing, only time will tell.

besides me, mai ueda, rafael rozendaal and angelo plessas will take part in the show. we will all be on skype online tonight at 2am GMT. i will try to read some poetry and converse a bit with the audience. this is the first time i am doing something like this – live presentation over skype to a bunch of people sitting in a room somewhere else. i am not sure if i would like to hear and see their reactions – maybe it is nice if i just imagine they laugh at my jokes.

anyway, today i woke up with a super annoying pain in my left testicle. it seams i have an infection of some sort again. my immune system is quite low and i keep getting sick again and again. i do not know what’s going on, i am not over-trained, i am not eating badly, i sleep well…

so my testicle is hurting me all day non stop. the feeling is same as if someone kicks you in the balls only that it lasts for 24 hours now. i do not know how much effect this will have on my presentation at this event. basically i will wake up at 3:30am, with a piercing pain in my groin, and try to be interesting to a bunch of people that i have never seen or met.

i will let you know how it works out.