3 facts about entrepreneurship

Jacob Cornelisz Banjaert, genaamd van Neck


1) entrepreneur is not a rich person.

not all businesses make enough money to make their founders rich.

not all entrepreneurs own the businesses money.

entrepreneur is most likely to NOT be motivated by financial success.

entrepreneurs can be rich, just like anyone else doing anything else can be rich.


2) entrepreneur is not an inventor or a manager.

entrepreneur is a person who creates value by connecting different elements into a whole.

these elements can be people, knowledge, technologies, locations, networks, and any other resources.

entrepreneur connects them by them joint giving goal and focus.

entrepreneur is also the person who accepts the risk of creating such connection with a goal.

entrepreneurs can also be inventors and managers.


3) entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.

although it is a job and a career, it is first a lifestyle.

surfing is a lifestyle which pays of to a small portion of surfers.

entrepreneurship is not very different from surfing, but it has a higher financial return.

entrepreneurship is based on passion, then calculation.


ps above photo is of jacob corneliszoon van neck.

jacob lead the second dutch expidition to indonesia which had a 400% roi.